As part of the burnination, I came across , which looks like it could use a disambiguation followed by merge/removal:

  • No tag wiki guidance

  • Currently 235 questions

  • Has 46 questions also tagged , 13 tagged , 8 with , and 7 with (less than 74 .NET total, since some share those tags) - A good portion of those are referring to the .NET DbConnection class and could be retagged with a better tag (propose: or other suggestion).

  • Also has 11 questions that appear to be about R dbconnect and should be retagged as instead. - Thanks @ErikA for retagging these as.

  • Most of the remainder appear to be mergeable into

Looking for help from any .NET SMEs to confirm my suspicions on the DbConnection topic. Likewise, the few ones could use an R SME, of course.

Other shared tags

  • 1
    I've retagged the R questions as appropriately (mostly with r-dbi and other more useful tags). The DBI mess is perhaps a problem for another day
    – Erik A
    Commented May 6 at 7:43


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