The idb library is one of the most popular libraries for the IndexedDB API (if not the most popular), but it is currently a tag synonym for the API itself.

Some people do just refer to IndexedDB as IDB, but there are a significant number of questions that are referring to the library, and should be able to be tagged as such.

Recent examples:

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Being a 3 letter tag, would be a bad tag to use since it's likely ambiguous, and after all, you yourself already have two different (albeit related) meanings.

So instead of removing the synonym, we should prefer an unambiguous tag name such as for the library instead.

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    I'd be okay with [idb] being a synonym of [idb-library]. Either way, the existing synonym should be removed. Commented Apr 3 at 14:16
  • I think we should only change where the synonym points to if the other tag ([idb-library]) turns out to be more popular, from what I've seen in my searches that isn't the case though.
    – cafce25
    Commented Apr 3 at 14:26

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