Please don't vote on the tag right away. It is already at +2, at +4 the synonym gets approved and the tags get mixed, we won't be able to undo that action. So let's discuss here before an irreversible decision is made.

There is a tag synonym proposed that would make "filtering" a synonym of "filter". On the surface this makes sense, but these two tags have different descriptions and are used for different purposes.

Because of the confusing names, these two tags have not always been applied in the right way. But has mostly been used for filtering rows in a table or database, for filtering inputs, etc. And has mostly been used for filtering signals or images (in combination with , or ). To me these are different meanings, the first one selects a subset of data, the other transforms the data.

I don't know if there's a good way to disambiguate these two different meanings. I see two solutions:

  1. Rename to or similar, this would require work to look through the 7,746 posts with this tag and ensure the new tag applies or if was intended.

    At the same time we could rename to or similar, so that no ambiguous tag names remain.

  2. Embrace the ambiguity and hope that other tags do the job of disambiguating. We accept the synonym and move on.

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    OK, since I posted this, two people (net) have downvoted the synonym proposal. Please hold on with voting there, let's discuss this first! Mar 28 at 20:05
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    I've also had to remove the filter tag many times from questions about signal filtering. It's great that you bring this forward. I prefer proposal 1: no ambiguous tag names (although I see the problem that in the future someone will re-create a filter tag with either meaning). If filtering is renamed to signal-filtering, the "Use this tag for questions asking for help with filtering datasets" part should probably be deleted from its description
    – Luis Mendo
    Mar 29 at 5:32


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