April 17th, 2024 update: All the steps we had planned for our rampdown are now complete. If you have any outstanding questions, please let us know in the comments or answers below.

Six months ago we announced OverflowAI Search and began welcoming users to alpha test this new feature. We have gone through extensive user feedback; Alpha testers started over 25,000 conversations and performed around 100,000 searches. We are deeply grateful for the time and energy alpha participants put into trying out and reviewing this new feature of the site.

However, due to evolution in our OverflowAI strategy, we have made the decision to ramp down the testing of the conversational search and search summarization features.

Changes we are making as part of the ramp-down process

Within the next few weeks, we will be making several changes to ramp down access to the OverflowAI Search alpha. Participants in the OverflowAI Search alpha will no longer have access to our conversational search or search summarization feature. We will also be removing the waitlist option on profile pages and on Stack Overflow Labs until further notice. Users who were participating in the alpha test will be sent a notification email as well, thanking them for their interest and participation, and explaining that their access to these alpha features will be removed.

To those of you who have signed up, we are again very grateful for your contributions and interest.

Though our testing with our Alpha version of OverflowAI Search has come to a close, we are far from idle. We hope you’ll have quite a lot to look forward to throughout this upcoming April. It will be a busy month!

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    If I read this correctly, it either means you have gathered enough data and concluded that the feature can go live or you have gathered enough data and concluded the feature isn't needed anymore. Some kind of outlook on planned next actions for this AI Search would be nice. Commented Mar 28 at 19:07
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    @NoDataDumpNoContribution or they gathered enough data during this first phase, and want to implement some changes before conducting further experiments. Or they have infrastructure issues or ... I mean it's not limited to the options you listed.
    – M--
    Commented Mar 28 at 21:39
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    @M-- To me the two options seemed like the most likely ones. If only there was more conclusion in the concluding. Commented Mar 28 at 21:46
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    Or Google paid them to not compete with whatever Google's doing with the content Google bought. Commented Mar 30 at 6:25
  • Don't know what "rampdown"/"ramp down"/"ramp-down" mean(s)...? Can't you choose one spelling and stick to it...? (... And I only read the first 10 lines of the Post..., 3 different spellings already...!) // Alpha/Beta-Testing, I lost interest in the Project as we had to apply to be able to use it and give any feedback, I got accepted (I think...?) maybe 4 or 5 months later, but I had already lost any interest by that time...
    – chivracq
    Commented Apr 17 at 21:46
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    The feature is indeed is very valuable. For example for me it allowed to avoid creating tons of duplicating questions, being able to find the answer with AI. Do you plan something to replace this outstanding feature or it is competes somehow with SO and that is the closure reason? Commented Apr 18 at 13:11
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    @Damir While it remains possible that we will return to developing it - or a similar feature - at a later point, it is not currently in our plans to do so.
    – Slate StaffMod
    Commented Apr 18 at 13:28
  • @Slate, so, "Register interest" at the https://stackoverflow.co/labs/search is just for a possible future occasion and won't work at the moment? Commented Apr 18 at 13:30
  • @Damir "Register interest" in the upper right corner is for all OverflowAI products in general. Until yesterday, a separate button appeared within that page registering interest for search specifically - this second button was removed.
    – Slate StaffMod
    Commented Apr 18 at 14:17
  • @Slate, thank you, I get it. As a second though, is there a chance to have this OverflowAI opensource somehow so that we can use it locally or even try to maintain by crowd some day? It would be a great source to learn in any case. Commented Apr 19 at 17:00


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