I would like to receive browser notifications for all regular alerts (points, new message replies) as well as for new questions (but for defined tags only). Is that possible? I can't find any documentation regarding such thing.

  • While SE doesn't have built in support, you can enable browser notifications when you get mentioned on chat. You could potentially create/find a bot that can mention you for new questions with a tag you define. For the alerts, I think you may need to turn to userscripts
    – Fastnlight
    Feb 26 at 19:05

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At time of writing, SO has no built-in support for browser notifications.

So the simple answer is that it's not possible.


As mentioned, there's no one solution that will get all of these notifications.

For new questions in certain tags, you can get an RSS feed by setting up "Custom Filters" (in the right sidebar by default) for those tags. An RSS feed is automatically generated. If you have a browser (e.g. Vivaldi) that provides notifications for new RSS items, or likewise an extension, then that might help.

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