I got very confused asking a question about a hash function for making a non-prime hash table. Both of these tags exist and I can't figure out whether this is a good idea or not.

: A hash code is a result of applying a hash function to data, usually resulting in an integer.

: A hash function is any well-defined procedure or mathematical function that converts a large amount of data into a small datum, usually a single integer. [snip lots of For X use Y]

These don't suggest a real difference to my mind, and a quick check of the top page doesn't reveal a difference to me either. I suppose somebody could have come along and told me I goofed up when I tagged my question with both, but that hasn't happened yet (it may happen) but at this point I question the ability do draw a distinction.

Is there a good reason?

Should we just merge into ?

Should we expend enormous retag effort to make one cryptographic hash and one non-cryptographic hash? (I don't think so.)

Should we just ignore it?

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    I imagine these tags (supposed to?) imply some difference: hash is about implementing and using hash functions, where hashcode is more about usage of said function result (as in hashtables, optimisation of equality check, etc). Thus personally I don't like the idea of merging.
    – markalex
    Feb 11 at 3:05
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    On the other hand, hash is a bit ambiguous. Wouldn't renaming it to something like hash-functions solve underlying problem?
    – markalex
    Feb 11 at 3:06
  • @markalex: I'm not sure. What's the probability either one was used like that.
    – Joshua
    Feb 11 at 3:19
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    hashing is already synonymized to hash and I would vote to do the same with hashcode. Although I think hashing is a better tag name as it describes a concept. Feb 11 at 5:13
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    hashcode has a very specific meaning and use in the Java language. Feb 11 at 6:10
  • @HovercraftFullOfEels Doesn't mean there's a necessity for a special tag for it. The combination of "java" and "hashing" should be sufficient. Feb 11 at 6:16
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    That would create ambiguity in the use of the tag, where “hashing” could refer to something different if paired or not with Java. Also, a java question could be about “regular” hashing operations, algorithms, etc; and not to the Java specifics of an object HashCode.
    – yivi
    Feb 11 at 9:25
  • @yivi I don't see the problem with such ambiguity (in this particular case) Feb 12 at 2:25
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    There are already the tags hash-function and even cryptographic-hash-function. What about using hash-function for such cryptographic related hashing questions? Also "hashcode" related tags like hashcode and gethashcode can be synonyms for a new tag object-hashcode. That way we can split the hash questions into the two tags hash-function/object-hashcode. However, the problem might be that users enter only "hash" and will therefore select hash-function (first hit?) even though they maybe meant to use object-hashcode.
    – Progman
    Feb 12 at 19:15
  • @Progman: I have to admit I would have never found object-hashcode.
    – Joshua
    Feb 12 at 20:04


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