There are two nearly identical tags for network questions related to Docker.

While most of the questions in both tags seem off-topic (not about programming), it seems that having two separate and (at least to me) indistinguishable tags is clearly excessive.

Personally, I would prefer as the primary tag; but has more questions (966 vs 265), more watchers (134 vs 28), and a tag wiki.

On the other hand, docker network is a specific Docker subcommand, similar to docker build, docker run, etc; perhaps there is some merit in theory to attempting to keep the two separate? But in practice, I don't think we can.

There are a few dozen users with enough reputation in either tag to propose and vote on a synonym proposal; my impression is that this is by far insufficient to successfully establish a synonym without moderator involvement (though pointers to guidelines or statistics to better inform this are most welcome).

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    Not enough rep on the tag to vote but I'd prefer docker-network as a primary tag as well and I don't think we need two. The tag wiki can probably be moved over. Dec 17, 2023 at 14:00

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Based on the nomenclature of the other tags, I think is the better option as well. Tags merged and synonym created.

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