Perhaps you can see this as a further step of this question: Saved Questions And Answers

Currently, Stack Overflow allows people to save questions and answers to different lists by clicking on the "Manage" button (huge thanks to @devs for implementing it):


However, no matter what lists I have saved previously, for example, I searched through the tag of ReactJS, and saved an answer to the ReactJS-example list; then I navigated to another answer to the same question, and the answer I saved would default to the For later list again.

It would be great if the behaviour is to default save to the latest list I saved, then change it through "Manage" button.

Or to allow changing the default list to save through Settings.

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    Re "default save to the latest list I saved": Or a settable default list. It is the most obvious evolution of this feature. Until then, a workaround is some automation. I have used a macro key for some time now to move the current save to a preferred list; it works well (and is much faster than manual). Dec 13, 2023 at 21:42


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