There was a question asked in January 2023:

git command not returning any value in makefile

which was duplicated (as in Ctrl + C/Ctrl + V, spotted by an SO user) in November:

Git command is not returning any value in makefile

And recently a sequence of questions mentioned the exact same issue (variations in wording, looking like the question was handwritten each time).

All the following questions date from the last two days (between December 6th and 8th 2023):

That one got deleted:

I fail to see a purpose (good or evil), or a common trigger.

Has anyone got a clue about why this batch of questions popped all of a sudden on Stack Overflow?

The questions listed above have been closed and deleted since this post was created; let's see if something happens next!


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The consensus seems to be:

  • yes, these questions are low quality
  • some of them have indications the question itself had its content generated
    (as noted by user@ThomA: question 77619688 contains for example "I'm using Git version X.X.X on an OS Y.Y.Y.")

It hasn't been established whether this batch of questions has been entirely generated by a bot (profiles included), or if they come from actual people with a common drive (for example: a badly worded assignment at a CS formation ?).

There are several other known occurrences of low quality questions with common features popping on SO. See for example:
Recent flood of very low quality questions and non-questions with the Python tag today - what is going on?

It looks like this "Git command is not returning value in makefile" surge is over for now, and all the existing ones have been moderated (as in: closed and deleted by the community). There isn't much more to do at the moment.

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