Since I think a couple of weeks back, clicking on inbox notifications in Firefox on iOS to open them in a new tab now opens the desired page, but scrolls it down to the bottom of the page rather than to the content I was notified about in the inbox.

Unlike with similar errors in the past, reloading the page to hopefully scroll it to the correct place on the page no longer works; however, manually editing the URL in the location bar, but not making any changes to it finally reaches the linked content.

I'm unsure whether this is a bug in Firefox for iOS or a problem with the site. This used to work much better.

As an example, https://stackoverflow.com/posts/comments/136413398?noredirect=1 is a link I received in by inbox recently. This particular link works fine on my phone, too; but this is one I copy/pasted from the desktop version of my inbox (where I am using Chrome on macOS).

When I actually click on the link, the URL changes to Move subdirectories to parent based on name (both on the desktop and on mobile), but this one is what seems to take me to the page footer in Firefox on my phone.

I have reported similar behavior when opening "modified by" links on the start page of the site; this could be a manifestation of the same problem, or a different one.


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