I am looking for understanding on what I missed here; I'm not trying to argue the system.

I recently failed a first questions audit for this: Xcode 15 not reflecting fonts used in storyboard

I tried to flag it as needing more details or clarity, but apparently it's fine. Can someone in the iOS specialty give me some insight, maybe?

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    This seems like a case where it looks like a vague question visually (no reprex), but I guess it's fine if you're familiar with the domain. If you're in doubt and you're not familiar with the subject, skip it. I may have failed this audit too.
    – ggorlen
    Oct 6, 2023 at 1:07

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Flip it on its head.

What more could the OP have added to make it so that there's enough detail?

From what I read:

  • The OP states their tool and its version
  • What they're doing with the tool
  • What behavior they observed and how it's undesirable

Like, what else do you need here? This feels like it's enough for an expert in Xcode to be able to answer.


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