I stumbled upon the tag today while looking for new tags to watch or questions to answer. It really was not what I was expecting which is why I'm here.

The tag excerpt reads the following:

Common Navigator Framework - Eclipse platform provides this framework for tree based viewers

but the last question that would fit that description (as in being about the Common Navigator Framework even remotely) would be this one, posted in November 2017.

These days it seems the tag is almost exclusively used by (what I assume to be, from personal experience) Computer science students to ask about (Conjunctive) Normal Forms, with some exceptions I will list later.

So what is the tag used for?

At the time of writing, this tag has 68 questions, of which:

  • 17 are on topic for the Tag Excerpt (about Common Navigator Framework)
  • 41 are about Conjunctive Normal Forms, SAT Solvers or connected topics
  • 9 are about .cnf files (MySQL's is common here, but there are some others as well not related to MySQL)
  • 1 I'm not sure about (this one), I'd assume it to be on topic for the tag though?

My proposed solution

I'm suggesting the tag to be removed in its current form as this ambiguity probably will continue with a tag around. Or synonymizing it to . Input on this is welcome, I'm doing this for the first time.

So I will suggest:

Removing the tag, and retagging:

And, of course, closing and otherwise curating where necessary.

Some bonus points I found while researching:

  • Closely related had only one question mistagged for the Disjunctive Normal Form which I took the liberty of editing out
  • and probably need looking at, I can't imagine their distinctive tag excerpts to be followed but haven't looked into that yet.
  • "1 I'm not sure about". Pretty sure that's about Common Name.
    – Laurel
    Aug 8 at 22:16
  • 2
    "Questions about .cnf-Files in general" Is that even a consistent file format that could be a question topic? Sounds like it's just configuration-files to me.
    – Ryan M Mod
    Aug 9 at 1:05
  • 1
    "Questions about Eclipse Common Navigator Framework -> New [common-navigator-framework]" I'd go with [eclipse-common-navigator-framework] here. It seems rarely used and I'd rather not see anyone get any ideas about what a topic with that many common words might mean.
    – Ryan M Mod
    Aug 9 at 1:07
  • 1
    "Questions about Conjunctive Normal Forms -> Existing [conjunctive-normal-form], adding [sat] [sat-solvers]" I'd specifically note that these should be adding those two additional tags where relevant. It doesn't immediately look like all of them are about SAT solvers. Some look to just be about plain old boolean-algebra.
    – Ryan M Mod
    Aug 9 at 1:10
  • Thanks for the input, I've incorporated it into the question. Regarding sat/sat-solvers and the other tag changes for that matter, they should all be looked at independently and only get tags relevant to the questions of course.
    – LW001
    Aug 9 at 7:52
  • I took the liberty of adding a mention of [boolean-algebra] as well.
    – Ryan M Mod
    Aug 9 at 18:28


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