While engaging with an article within the Collective section, I noticed a discrepancy in the font size of comments compared to regular posts. Specifically, the font size in the Collective seems larger than in a regular post.

Font Size in Collective Article:

Font from Collective

Font Size in Regular Post:

Font from Regular Post

Note: You probably won't see a difference between these two provided images that I posted. So, it's best to view it yourself on a real post. Hence:

Can someone clarify if this is intentional or possibly an oversight?

  • Chrome version 115.0.5790.170 (Official Build) (arm64)
  • MacOS

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The larger font size for comments is intentional on Articles. Since you can't answer an article, we chose to make comments more prominent as the primary way another user can engage with the content. The font size is larger and the input field for adding a comment is automatically expanded (instead of having to click the 'Add a comment' link first). The same changes are on Collections as well.

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