Unless I'm sleepy enough, and seem to be about the same subject: A JavaScript library for formatting and working with numbers.

Dotted was created in 2015 whereas the plain in 2017. The former has a link to the library's homepage, while the latter has a short paragraph explaining what it does.

The library has its name written as Numeral.js on the homepage, so should probably be a synonym.

Could someone privileged enough merge these tags, please?

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Given both that the question which created the directly links to the Numeral.js site, and that 5 of the 9 questions tagged were also tagged , I went ahead and merged the two tags with the .js version as the parent tag.

I also created a synonym directing from to which will prevent someone from creating a dot-less version in future (since it already exists).

If someone is knowledgeable and so inclined to create a better tag wiki excerpt which provides actual usage guidance and a tag wiki which doesn't plagiarise the documentation that'd probably be of value as well.

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