For example in my related answers I'd like to link to my Vite or Vue answers like:


The problem is that Vite/Vue community support is bad and I suffered a lot trying to gain the knowledge and often an OP later seeks an answer that is already in my answers. My answers often cover advanced cases and I find them valuable for knowledge spreading/gaining. So yes I'd like to promote and support these 2 exact products. Though I wouldn't consider that spam. If I promote my JavaScript answers that would be spam imho.

So what's Stack Overflow's policy for such narrow cases?

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Doing that would actually be promoting your answers. So, yes, that would be considered promotion/spam, which would be inappropriate.

If there are a small number of specific answers of yours, or someone else's, which are directly about what the question is asking about, then it would be reasonable to say something like "I [or User FooBar] provided a detailed explanation about [this very closely related thing] that you will almost certainly also need to know about, which you can find [here]". That would probably be OK, if you do it quite rarely and only when it's something directly associated with what's being asked about, but which isn't close enough to be an actual duplicate.

  • i thought also that a couple of related answers is ok Jul 10, 2023 at 0:00

If there's a specific post(s) that are strongly related and have good reason to be linked in a post of yours, link to those specific posts and give context for the link. If it's useful and relevant information, that should be fine.

But I don't understand how linking to a page of all your answers (which the reader then has to dig through to find relevant info- a list that will presumably continue to grow over time) would be useful. One of the points of this platform is to have little to no noise.

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