I saw that tag wiki was empty and tried to update it (it was one month ago). Is this description fine and enough? How long does approval/reject usually take?

Nuclio is an open source serverless platform for the deployment process automatization (with support for CPU/GPU, low-power devices, on-prem and cloud)

The solution also supports k8s, multi-tenancy, monitoring/logging, auto-scaling, scale to zero, LDAP relation, etc. and integration to Kafka, RabbitMQ, Kinesis, Event Hub, etc.

More information

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    As long as it takes; especially when there's a strike on so many of the 5k+ curators you are relying on to review the task aren't doing reviews..
    – Thom A
    Commented Jun 23, 2023 at 13:26
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    It also depends on how obscure the tag in question is, as unfamiliar curators may choose to skip the edit. It may to take weeks (or even months) for tag edits.
    – A-Tech
    Commented Jun 23, 2023 at 13:33
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    The submission for the wiki contains the same broken grammar that the excerpt contains; the excerpt and wiki should be different, and should be well-written. I'm not sure I would accept that suggestion based on the grammar alone.
    – Thom A
    Commented Jun 23, 2023 at 13:56
  • @jps , to be honest, I do not know differences between 'tag' and 'wiki tag'
    – JIST
    Commented Jun 23, 2023 at 13:56
  • @ThomA, do you have a proposal for the grammar update? Thx for help (I am not native speaker).
    – JIST
    Commented Jun 23, 2023 at 13:58
  • an open source... for automating... Support for... solution also supports; to point out a few.
    – Thom A
    Commented Jun 23, 2023 at 14:32
  • @ThomA, I made update, thx
    – JIST
    Commented Jun 23, 2023 at 15:08
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    @JIST In my experience, tag wiki edits take long to approve. Sometimes several months. (I don't have enough Rep to approve so the rest of this comment is a guess:) First a moderator with enough on-subject knowledge should come along and see the edit, and then approve. I assume that for many of the edge cases and niche area tags that is not many moderators, and therefore the time-to-approval is longer.
    – JoSSte
    Commented Jun 23, 2023 at 19:24
  • 4
    just to be clear, moderators aren't the only people who can approve these.
    – Kevin B
    Commented Jun 23, 2023 at 19:28
  • @JoSSte thx for clarification, this view is new for me.
    – JIST
    Commented Jun 23, 2023 at 19:41
  • 1
    @KevinB thank you for the clarification - As I wrote I was referring to the fact that according to stackoverflow.com/help/privileges a SO user needs 5k rep to approve a tag wiki edit (which I do not have). My use of the word "moderator" was wrong, but the act of approving the edit could be viewed as "moderation" 😉
    – JoSSte
    Commented Jun 23, 2023 at 19:47
  • FWIW, I've improved the tag wiki a bit — which means your change is also approved. Commented Jun 24, 2023 at 3:54


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