An oft-overlooked feature SO has, is the ability to generate a flair image for your user profile.

You can find the page for them, here:

Here are some rendered examples:

default dark hotdog (why?)

Please note that these images are actually generated png files, and not just plain HTML.

This feature is quite old already, and as such, has gotten a bit outdated.

On modern screens, there's two significant issues with the generated images:

  • They use an old UI design.
  • They're tiny, which means most browsers will upscale the images, making them blurry.
    • (No support for retina scaling)

What I would like to request is:

  • Update the flair design so it's in line with the site's current design.
  • Add support for larger images (double / quadruple scale, for example).
  • Add support for SVG output; This would make theming a lot easier, and they're infinitely scalable.
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    I've merged this with a much-older duplicate. Feel free to edit some of this explanation and context into that question. Jun 22 at 4:11


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