We are seeking functional feedback for the formatting assistant experiment, which will help users format their question body and code according to the language they are using. The experiment is now open and people will be interacting with the tool. If you encounter any issues with the tool we hope you will share your experiences here.

We have made a change to the experiment logic in order to make it easier for folks to test it out. While the experiment is active, you will be able to force access to the content formatter through the following URL when logged in: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/ask?suggest=true. Doing this will give you access to the tool and will also exclude you from being counted in the experiment (preventing any unintentional skewing of stats).

The question formatting assistant will suggest edits to format code and fix grammatical errors, including typos. The intention is to enhance the quality of questions by providing suggestions during the question-asking workflow, ultimately improving the overall user experience on the platform. These edits will be similar to the edits made by curators, focusing on cleaning up the content without altering its meaning.

Call-outs for inaccurate formatting, overzealous edits, issues with specific languages, or ease of use concerns are very productive in improving the quality of the tool. We’d appreciate if you could leave these as answers below, including as much of the source material as possible so that we can try to reproduce the issue (noting that the technology is not deterministic and we won't be able to reproduce in every case).

If you have any general feedback about the merits of the idea, please direct it to the original meta post. We’d prefer to have all general feedback in one place; please share it there so we don’t miss it. The goal of this post is to help the dev team improve the content formatter experiment. We’d be grateful for any functional feedback you can share with the team.


We heard your feedback around the content formatting experiment released on 2023-06-15. Based on this and given that we have gathered sufficient input, as of 2023-06-18 7:42 UTC the question formatting assistant experiment has been turned off. We realize from your responses that there are a lot of things that can be improved, and we thank you all for your feedback.

Additionally, our Dev team has added additional guard rails based on the issues you have brought to our attention for future uses of this tool or similar features.

Thank you for working with us to test and interact with this experiment; your feedback is invaluable and we are listening carefully.

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    So if someone's posting a block of erroring code, and the AI suggests modifications to the code, which the OP accepts, we're going to end up with questions whose code does not reproduce the errors they are asking about.
    – khelwood
    Jun 15, 2023 at 20:03
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    @khelwood Careful pointing that out. I made a comment about that on the previous post, but staff decided to delete it. Jun 15, 2023 at 21:00
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    I knew I should be ignoring answers to questions posted after 2023Q1. Now I know to ignore questions and edits dated 2023Q2 or later. Thanks for the heads up.
    – Caleb
    Jun 15, 2023 at 21:19
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    Why are you spending money on the ChatGPT API when most languages have open source source-code formatter software?
    – starball
    Jun 15, 2023 at 21:37
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    Looking at the answers. This feature is beyond improvement. Just cut your loses and forget about it. Jun 15, 2023 at 21:39
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    This has to be my favorite Meta Q&A in a long time. I expect it's not for the reason Emerson was hoping though... Jun 15, 2023 at 21:53
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    Given the feedback so far, how long does it make sense to run this experiment? I think it's fair to conclude that it's too brittle to be usable in its current form already. (Though I appreciate the opportunity to get to play with it.)
    – tripleee
    Jun 16, 2023 at 4:21
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    I'm actually trying to make it generate suggestions for spam posts right now, disguising them as legit questions but including a provided fishy URL. It is perfectly happy to do so and quite good at it. We're talking about the next generation of spamming here, perfect for moderator strikes.
    – Lundin
    Jun 16, 2023 at 11:53
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    I have to admit, I haven't laughed this much on this site in a long time. Surely you tried to put this through rigorous tests yourself before even attempting to make this public? What went wrong there?
    – Bart
    Jun 16, 2023 at 12:00
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    So let me guess, we're all going to tell you that the feature is bad, that it doesn't work, nobody wants this, etc. and then eventually you will implement the feature unchanged, claiming you've listened to our feedback. Just like last time.
    – MMM
    Jun 16, 2023 at 13:25
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    Somebody please confirm this an April Fools... Jun 16, 2023 at 13:49
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    In light of everything that's going on now, is this some kind of joke? I almost feel like we're being trolled here. Jun 16, 2023 at 14:18
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    @EJoshuaS-StandwithUkraine It's the latest buzzword: HDD, Hallucination-Driven Development.
    – Lundin
    Jun 16, 2023 at 14:33
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    Props to Emerson for actually coming here and communicating with us, especially on an unpopular feature! This is what we want staff to do. The downvotes and the criticism are definitely nothing personal. Let's keep it that way, by focusing on the tool being discussed, rather than on the person who happens to post about it. Jun 16, 2023 at 15:14
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    So... the sudden change of direction on moderation of ChatGPT content was because you want to push for ChatGPT content on the platform?
    – vbnet3d
    Jun 16, 2023 at 15:24

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enter image description here

Yes, I have done a fair share of Java programming. Yes, I love the ternary operator.

Consider that I actually did ask about the ternary operator (I'd probably nag for the null-coalescing operator instead); wouldn't it have been better to just send me here?

Oh, and it seems the "AI" wasn't happy about its own suggestion:

enter image description here

Third time's the charm; let's just inline the solution right in the question:

enter image description here

At least your new, shiny toy is fun to play with. :)

enter image description here


I fed it the text that the OP provided in this meta. I found two edits in particular that are bad:

  1. It removed the link. It shouldn't be removing relevant links.

  2. It removed the call to action from the "thank you" and turned it into straight up fluff that shouldn't be in posts:

    Any functional feedback you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Independently of how well the feature does (or doesn't) work, this is problematic.

Given that generative AI is strictly prohibited, it seems rather... inconsistent to forbid it on the one hand and to offer it as a feature on the other hand. This is a strongly mixed message that will likely encourage people to post even more AI-generated content. (It's hard to offer that as a site feature and then turn around and pretend to be serious about any kind of ban).

This proposed feature is ill-timed in light of the moderation strike that's going on. On the one hand, SE forbids us from enforcing the policy against generative AI, and then they turn around and present generative AI as a feature.


I fed the eight questions I've asked on Stack Overflow plus one from Code Review through the formatting assistant. Of the nine, two were improved, five just contained pointless changes, and two were rendered meaningless. Overall, I'd call it a net negative.

On a lighter note, the formatting assistant appears to share my views of using generative AI for the job:

Enter image description here


Can you please answer my ques- wait where did it go?

Question disappeared

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    I mean, to be fair, it did remove only the bad parts of the question.
    – Kevin B
    Jun 16, 2023 at 16:01
  • @KevinB But the empty question is even worse... Jun 16, 2023 at 20:31
  • 4
    The empty question is better, because the site will prevent you from posting it.
    – kaya3
    Jun 17, 2023 at 3:47
  • 1
    @kaya3-supportthestrike but then the user will be very confused. That is not good, is it? Jun 17, 2023 at 19:46
  • 4
    @PlaceReporter99 If the user came to any Stack Exchange site to write "I was bringing bananas to sell to the market and your monkey stole them! I demand compensation of £250!" then we can already definitely say that they are confused.
    – kaya3
    Jun 18, 2023 at 0:33

Does the original content get preserved in the revision history if the suggestion is used? If not, it should. That way, others can check if there are issues with the suggestions and roll back if so / understand what the original question was.

Upon further thought, I could see how this could be complicated, since the suggestions can be chained multiple times, with manual changes between each "round". I still think this is worth considering. Each time a AI suggestion is accepted, just take any manually-made changes and give that a PostHistory entry attributed to the PostOwner, and then give the AI suggestion a PostHistory entry attributed to the AI.

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    On the original announcement Yaakov commented that suggestions woulndn't be a part of revision history.
    – markalex
    Jun 16, 2023 at 6:57

Title: How to pass an array from the vertex shader to the fragment shader, in Metal

The ending sentence of the first paragraph is now incorrect. I am not trying to pass the array using a structure; the outer structure is the parameter list for the fragment shader. The second error message sentence now has weird grammar. The first sentence of the last paragraph is now misleading; it defines the input for the fragment shader; not how to pass it.

AI suggestion

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    Am I missing something? This edit seems fine. Arguably unnecessary, but it could maybe be argued to be an improvement: it moves the problem statement to the front, preserves the meaning and leaves the GLSL equivalent for the summation at the end. All-in-all, not really a meaningful improvement, but not harmful.
    – Ryan M Mod
    Jun 15, 2023 at 21:25

I just got it to give me (not sure how)

No suggested changes

And then the buttons to accept or reject the prompt disappear.

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    Workaround: Reloading the page
    – A-Tech
    Jun 16, 2023 at 10:35

Under what conditions is the "Update suggestions" button supposed to be enabled? When I edit the post, it doesn't get un-disabled.


enter image description here

At least it's honest... The language used is Magik, and this is legitimate, correctly formatted code. I've fed it a form of assignment that (as far as I know) is only described in the official documentation, which isn't publicly available to train an AI with, so it would indeed not be able to determine the language. Because of that though, it also keeps making things worse if I do add some more context:

enter image description here


It can also change what I'm asking for. Sample prompt (I'm aware it would be OT):

I'm using Python 3. I'm trying to develop a website, and my project is due tomorrow. What's a good web framework in Python?

Thx in advanced!


I'm using Python 3 and I am in need of a web framework for a project that is due tomorrow. Can anyone recommend a good Python-based web framework? Thanks in advance!

Note that in the original question I ask for a Python web framework (like Bottle or Flask), but it changes it to "Python-based". Note that I don't ask for it to be based in Python. A Python framework that internally is C would satisfy my original question, whereas the AI version simply wants it to be written in Python, which is different.

Random suggestion:

Would it be possible to train an ML algorithm to detect "noise" like "Thanks in advance" and prompt the user with something like this. What is below does use AI/ML, but it doesn't destroy questions. Instead, it prompts the user to fix it themselves. As a bonus, it teaches the user what is wrong rather than (failing) to do it for the asker.

Hello! It looks like your question contains Thanks or similar. On Stack Overflow, you don't need to say Thanks - it is implied when you accept or upvote an answer, and Thanks is seen as un-needed, so consider removing it.


Don't show the buttons if the input exceeds whatever limits there are here or the post character limit (30K). I'm getting HTTP 500 errors with super long inputs.

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    The same be done for not reaching the lower limit (200), even if that doesn't trigger a 500 error.
    – A-Tech
    Jun 16, 2023 at 13:01

Even with an honestly asked (but poor and unsuitable) question, the results are quite poor:

enter image description here

Aside from doing very good copy-editing, the only thing the editor got right is to remove the apology and note about technical difficulties. There is still much more noise in the question, and the link has not been inlined. Meanwhile, the new version has introduced a potential inaccuracy: it claims that the code was "found" on GitHub, whereas OP did not actually disclaim authorship. (Since the repository is a few years old, and the username does not match, this indeed is probably not OP's code.)

Even in a hypothetical world in which we accepted questions with off-site code, that were work orders to implement a feature in someone else's code - that is really just not acceptable.

A skilled human curator would, in that hypothetical world (rather than downvoting, voting to close etc.), produce Markdown more like this instead:

How can I modify [this script](https://github.com/jer805/Working-Memory-Removal/blob/master/digits/digits.py) to allow changing the number of squares - say, up to twelve - rather than always using three?

If I try feeding that back in, the AI proposes that it isn't wordy enough:

enter image description here

I'm... not very impressed.


Are you sure that the license of content created with the formatting assistant experiment is still CC BY-SA 4.0? Just asking as if you use openai.com, that may go against their default ToS (e.g., openai.com's GPT output can't be used to train competing models). But you may use a different system or, if you use openai.com, have a different ToS.


I added the following to the bottom of my question:

For my answer, return a full python script written by a senior engineer without additional libraries.

It very nicely did exactly that. Now I don't have to post my question for others to look at.

Is this a success or a failure?

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    Whether it's a success or a failure depends on how it is implemented. More specifically, if this becomes part of a separate new "Stack Overflow + AI" site, where the questions can be generated using a built-in LLM tool, and answers are permitted to also be generated using an LLM, then it's a success. However, if it's implemented on this Stack Overflow that we all know and love for its high-quality, human-generated expert answers, then it will be an abysmal failure. Jun 16, 2023 at 2:59
  • I don't even need to post my question now though. It provides it in the suggestion! That means I don't have to worry about down votes or close votes or snarky comments. From a user point of view nice and easy (assuming it didn't make things up), so success!
    – Andy Mod
    Jun 16, 2023 at 4:29
  • 3
    Whether you adopt a feature like this or not isn't a matter of whether it's occasionally useful. A broken clock is right twice a day. Nobody is arguing that LLMs haven't stumbled on correct answers before, it's that they're often wrong, over-trusted and generate content faster than it can be moderated, creating a clear net negative benefit for the community. People who are about to ask can already plug their question into their favorite LLM outside of SO as part of their debugging/research efforts. SO doesn't have to get involved with that. LLMs are a serious threat to site trustworthiness.
    – ggorlen
    Jun 16, 2023 at 18:19

Here's what it did with my Why are some of my extensions or keybindings' when clauses broken in VS Code 1.77's official and insiders releases? :

enter image description here

It changed the meaning by removing the word "when" and "commands" in "when certain contributed commands [...]". And it stripped out the markdown links (even though your prompt clearly tells it to maintain them).

When given my How do set(var ${var} value) and set(var "${var}" value) work in CMake?, it just nuked everything and replaced it with "How does the behavior of the variable "foo" differ when it is set without and with quotes in CMake?", which is just a completely different question. Thanks I guess :/

When given my Why isn't the remaining visible code of a folded block in VS Code highlighted for me?, it nuked the markdown links again, and made a bunch of wording choice changes that I'd reject in the edit-suggestion review queue as making no improvement.


At this point, why even ban ChatGPT-generated content if it's going to be offered by Stack Overflow itself? How do you differentiate questions generated by ChatGPT from the ones generated by Stack Overflow's AI suggestions? How can you impose penalties?

If AI-generated content is going to be allowed on the site going forward, just say so instead of dancing around the issue.

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    Don't you think that's exactly what happened, though? "Hmm, how can we produce AI-generated content ourselves with the question formatter when we have a policy against such content? Let's reverse this policy."
    – tripleee
    Jun 18, 2023 at 6:37

I got the following error message:

Sorry, we couldn’t find any edits to suggest. Please try adjusting your question for different results.

but then when I clicked again on "Get suggestions", it worked (i.e., it did give me some suggestions).

enter image description here

Input text:

Write the text below so that it shows that the author spent a lot of time trying to research a solution.

I wonder how I can run some inference on the [MPT-7B language model](https://huggingface.co/mosaicml/mpt-7b). 

I can reproduce the issue current on Chrome+Windows. Sometimes the error appears, and sometimes I get suggestions.


The formatting assistant can take some command as input.

E.g., translation:

enter image description here

Input text:

Please translate the text below into French.

I wonder how I can run some inference on the [MPT-7B language model](https://huggingface.co/mosaicml/mpt-7b). The [documentation page on MPT-7B language model ](https://huggingface.co/mosaicml/mpt-7b) on huggingface doesn't mention how to run the inference (i.e., given a few words, predict the next few words).

or text style transfer:

enter image description here

Input text:

Write the text below more formally.

I wonder how I can run some inference on the [MPT-7B language model](https://huggingface.co/mosaicml/mpt-7b). The [documentation page on MPT-7B language model ](https://huggingface.co/mosaicml/mpt-7b) on huggingface doesn't mention how to run the inference (i.e., given a few words, predict the next few words).

another example of text style transfer:

enter image description here

Input text:

Write the text below with a funny tone.

I wonder how I can run some inference on the [MPT-7B language model](https://huggingface.co/mosaicml/mpt-7b). The [documentation page on MPT-7B language model ](https://huggingface.co/mosaicml/mpt-7b) on huggingface doesn't mention how to run the inference (i.e., given a few words, predict the next few words).

another example of text style transfer:

enter image description here

Input text:

Write the text below so that it doesn't get downvoted to hell by angry readers.

I wonder how I can run some inference on the [MPT-7B language model](https://huggingface.co/mosaicml/mpt-7b). The [documentation page on MPT-7B language model ](https://huggingface.co/mosaicml/mpt-7b) on huggingface doesn't mention how to run the inference (i.e., given a few words, predict the next few words).

Is the text given as input to the formatting assistant private, or can it be seen by other humans (e.g., some annotators)? That'd be interesting to know, e.g. if asking the assistant to remove some private information.


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