While reviewing some posts in Triage, I noticed the following in this post:

Timestamps in the triage queue aren't clear

How dare on Earth an answer that was written 24 minutes ago has 2 or 3 weeks old comments? This can be pretty confusing to new people into reviewing in general or people who care for specific details. I know that this is an audit, but it should be more clear or at least more tricky.


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    Oh yeah, I was to say, it was very probably an Audit... Then well, the "Purpose" of Audits is that you pay attention, then alright good-good, you were paying attention... Mission accomplished, I would think... (All/most Audits are complete stupid, no need to get upset about those...)
    – chivracq
    Jun 10 at 1:45
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    @chivracq Yeah, It was an audit, I think those audits should be a little bit harder (tricky) but yeah Mission Impossible is done.
    – Ghost
    Jun 10 at 1:47


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