I'm currently review banned (this is not by any means a complaint about my ban, it's necessary background info), and I've noticed a while ago that when I try to view pending suggested edits from a /question/<question-id> page (not from the review queue), I now get "An error occurred when loading the review item. Please try again." instead of being able to view the pending suggested edit (whereas I used to be able to see the pending suggested edit- even while review banned). Trying again as the error toast suggests results in the same error. Is this intended behaviour? Or is it a bug?

Here's some more info: Three requests are made (real example):

  • /review/suggested-edit-popup/76384273?_=1685679030700 status 200
  • /Content/Img/progress-dots.gif status 200
  • /review/next-task/34485035?isInPopup=true status 500


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