I am reasking Make [non-nullable], [nullable] and [nullability] synonyms because the old question originally asked a different question (Make synonym of ) so the voting on the old one is muddied.

The tags are opposites but of the same idea. A pointer or reference can be nullable or nonnullable. This status is called nullability. Only is required to cover any questions currently tagged by either or . I am requesting both to be made synonyms of .

Please also note that has a decent tag wiki and excerpt and the others have none, so if is made a synonym of , also be sure to preserve the tag wiki somehow.

  • My original question went from -6 to +8. I wonder if I got a badge for that. :P
    – Cœur
    Jun 1 at 14:40
  • @Cœur If there was an answer while the question was -2 or lower, they could have gotten the lifeboat badge if the answer scored 10. Jun 1 at 15:48


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