Right now, the tag's description reads, "May refer to Linux init, an abbreviation of initialization - giving variables a "starting" value, or Python's __init__ class initiation method." However, Swift also has an init method for both classes and structs, and multiple questions on the front page (4 out of the first 15 when I last viewed the most recent questions tagged with ) are about (and also tagged with) Swift.

Should the tag description be edited to read, "May refer to Linux init, an abbreviation of initialization - giving variables a "starting" value, or Python's __init__ class initiation method, or Swift's class/struct initialization method."?

Also, I'm not 100% sure of this, but shouldn't "initiation" in the existing description actually be "initialization"?

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    This should be a disambiguation request. If tag description starts with "May refer to", it is a telltale sign the tag is as useful as a fifth wheel in a car. May 20 at 23:35
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    On an off-note, folks, please use proper tag formatting in posts related to tags! May 20 at 23:37
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    @OlegValteriswithUkraine Thanks, I wasn't aware of that. May 20 at 23:39
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    No worries, regarding tag formatting - it is a general plea to others from me (so tired of fixing those). The guidance on it is not easily found, unfortunately, being tucked away in the "more" section. May 20 at 23:42
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    Perhaps change the tag to refer to the initialization of an object, structure, blob of data, or any entity which contains state that must be prepared prior to usage of the entity? May 20 at 23:46

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This tag should simply be made a synonym of . It’s a shorthand for said word, and the usages referred to in the current tag wiki, are __init__ in Python, and with your new suggestion, init in Swift. These are constructors, or initializers, for objects. This makes it quite clear the only reasonable course of action is to make it a synonym.

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    Well, here's an example of init being used on a question not about initializing an object, so I guess that speaks against my "only reasonable course of action". Well, I'd rather prefer removing the tag from this question, though, as it's not really useful there. May 21 at 0:20
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    On a side note I also found construction which may be a possible synonym target, as well as creation, though the later states "Do not use" in the tag wiki, which is again a great description for a tag..
    – Lino
    May 21 at 0:31

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