The duplicate suggestions section is inaccessible and invariably empty for users in the 'write title during review' test group of the title-drafting experiment. It is disabled and cannot be reached. The only thing that can be done is to click the "Review your Question" button:

Ask question wizard with duplicate suggestions greyed out

Yes, I know this only affects questions from the Ask Wizard, but that's still a lot of questions that we'll be getting in the next few days. Can you please fix this? I assume that the duplicate suggestions phase should be moved to go after the title input?

I am in the experiment group with no AI suggestions. Please also check if this bug is present for those with AI title suggestions.

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    @user I moved it because I felt like it was secondary information, and front-loading it with everything else in the title was leading to confusion/information overload. I tried to come up with a succinct title that focuses on the problem at hand (the disabled section), and left clarifying the AI vs non-AI point to the body paragraph. I understand it's a completely subjective choice though. Feel free to add back what you want - it's your question :)
    – Robotnik
    May 19 at 3:23


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