When I attempt to unsubscribe from the spam emails I receive from Stack Overflow I'm required to log in and update my email settings. When I update them, the changes don't save. Even when I click the save button on the email address (which I would think only saved the address and not the rest but it was worth trying). What step am I missing?

Initially I expected it to simply apply the changes immediately on toggling the setting and not require any manual save. On refreshing, the settings were reenabled and so I have searched the Email Settings page for a Save button of some sort and found only the save button for the Email Address field. I have tried toggling the subscription settings all to off and pressing that, to no avail. Every time I refresh the page they're toggled back on.

Looking at the console history of the page it had apparently been giving a 403 error. Is there a reputation requirement in order to even unsubscribe? Apparently posting this question triggered something in the backend because after posting it now saves as I initially expected - automatically. So if, like me, you're searching for how to unsubscribe and receiving a 403, try posting something.



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