Today we are inviting another round of users to be Recognized Members (RMs) in the CI/CD Collective!

The current RMs, subject matter experts who were identified in the pre-launch planning stage, worked together with Community Managers to determine the criteria to consider for this first round of invitations.

CI/CD RM Criteria:

  • Member of the CI/CD Collective

  • Active in the collective’s tags in the last 18 months (measured as 20+ upvoted answers)

  • No suspensions or problematic behavior in the last 18 months

  • Reputation of at least 10,000

This is the criteria we have used to invite RMs today, but the RM criteria can be different for each collective, and can evolve over time. What do you think about the above criteria for RMs in the CI/CD Collective?

The expectations of Recognized Members include communicating with other RMs to support collective decision making, and participating in curation and other projects that the collective takes on. It is not necessarily a permanent position, and continued participation will be reevaluated as time goes on.

When inviting in new RMs the goal is to find users who are subject matter experts, are regularly active on the site, and who have an interest in supporting the learning and advancement of the whole community in their area of practice.

If you were one of the people invited, you will receive a notification where you can accept or decline the invitation. We hope you will join us!



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