If I click on Recent Achievements icon on the top right menu, I see two answers have been downvoted:

Achivement view

but If I go to one of the answers for example:

votes details

If I click on the activity of my answer and then Show vote summaries, I don't see any downvotes:

show vote summaries

Why is that? Were my answers really downvoted? I was thinking that may it was downvoted because the person who upvoted it before is not a SO user anymore, but that so far is speculation because I don't have a way to verify it and SO doesn't provide too many details about who voted what or the reason of the downvotes, for example, to show something like this: "removed vote from not a valid user".

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    "I see two answers have been downvoted:" - no, they were unupvotes (i.e. someone who previously upvoted, and who has since undone said upvote) May 8 at 16:10
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    Downvotes only cause a loss of 2 points of reputation, only unupvotes cause a 10-point loss. See Zoe's comment for details. May 8 at 16:13
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    On a tangent, please do not use taglines and signatures in posts, they are officially against the expected behavior on the site. May 8 at 16:14
  • There are a few more sources of -10s. However, while unupvotes, account deletions, and vote invalidations can all technically result in -10, only unupvotes show as -10 on a specific post. Account deletions and vote invalidations explicitly mention "user removed" or vote reversal, respectively. May 8 at 16:17
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    thanks, both of you, it makes sense, @OlegValteriswithUkraine about the tagline, I was not aware the rule applies to Meta too. So basically someone upvoted first, then change his/her mind and remove the vote. Correct?
    – David Leal
    May 8 at 16:21
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    ". So basically someone upvoted first, then change his/her mind and downvoted it" - no. They upvoted, and then undid the upvote, for reasons we can only speculate to. Changing their mind is the most likely option. No downvotes were added, as your reputation history and the vote counts also say. This would've shown as a -12 as well (-10 for undoing the upvote, -2 for the downvote itself) May 8 at 16:25
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    "Expected Behavior" applies network-wide, @DavidLeal. While this is not a big deal, of course, there is pretty much a guarantee someone will edit those out sooner or later according to the guideline, so it's easier to just save everyone the hassle. May 8 at 16:28
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    As for what happened - what Zoe said, someone just changed their mind for some reason without considering your posts unhelpful (thus not downvoting). You would've got -10 and -2 if it happened, to a total of -12. May 8 at 16:31


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