I've been seeing this voting bug pretty frequently. When viewing ?tab=reputation tab and sorting by "Time", the upvote score is incorrect.

For example, according to my tab I earned 60 points (6 upvotes, for simplicity) for this recent answer:

enter image description here

The actual answer, however, has only 2 upvotes:

enter image description here

The discrepancy occurs only when you see the score for the first time (i.e., the entry is highlighted yellow).

Why is there a discrepancy between the two scores? Its worth nothing that this is only a bug with the "Time" tab. If you sort by Posts, then it correctly records "2 events +20" for the answer above.

  • Weird, this is what I see on your reputation page: i.stack.imgur.com/kx8m8.png Maybe one of the cache is out of sync or something. Apr 24 at 13:39
  • @AbdulAzizBarkat thanks for pointing that out, I should have mentioned this occurs when you see that entry for the first time (i.e., the score is highlighted in yellow).
    – cs95
    Apr 24 at 13:42
  • 7
    It's a well-known bug which SE seem to be unable to reproduce and thus fix. Even thought the reproduction steps are simple: it ONLY shows up when the background is yellow. It's for "new" items. I've compiled all the information I know of it over at the RPG Meta. But all this information exists in various places around the network.
    – VLAZ
    Apr 24 at 13:44
  • @AbdulAzizBarkat try this link which has a start time added. You'll see a +60 for the post. For whatever reason it decides to calculate it wrong.
    – VLAZ
    Apr 24 at 14:01
  • 1
    For me that shows +100 while the post itself still has 2 upvotes.
    – Marijn
    Apr 25 at 8:51
  • @Marijn yeah, it's different today. I guess it's taking into account more days now or something. Try fiddling with the date in the URL and you'll probably get different results.
    – VLAZ
    Apr 25 at 9:11


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