An old question was brought to my attention that I was able to solve, and I wrote an answer. So far normal, but it turned out to be a duplicate of an even older question.

I asked for moderator attention, since (while not much) the older one was more "popular". The flag was declined, reasoned with:

Declined - I don't think asking mods to do that is proper. We can't tell if it's actually a duplicate and using mod powers to abuse simple system checks doesn't sit well with me.

I understand that and now that I gained a single upvote, I was able to flag it as a duplicate.

However, I have run into this issue now more than once. Sometimes I write comments and in a previous case (I can't remember which), I even copy and pasted my answer under the other question.

Is there a proper way to approach this?

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  1. Age of the question is not relevant for choosing a duplicate.

  2. As far as I can tell, the older question is not in any meaningful way "more popular" here. Aside from that, the most important factor is quality. The newer question is overall better IMO: it has a proper answer (from you) rather than some off-handed speculation. The older question has a better code example (proper MRE including a mainloop call and appropriate imports), but that is easily fixed. Because of this, I went ahead and closed the duplicate from the older one to the newer one.

  3. This seems like a commonly enough asked question that a better duplicate could be found. In this case, the duplicate links can be fixed in the future. (I am not a tkinter expert, so I don't know of one.)

  4. Do not use mod flags for this. Moderators are almost literally one-in-a-million users (at least, accounts) on Stack Overflow. Question closure is done almost entirely by the community. Instead, simply vote to close (since you have 3000+ reputation) duplicate question as duplicates.

    If you cannot find a duplicate because of the "no upvoted or accepted answer" issue, then wait. In the worst case, you can write your own canonical and accept your answer after two days. Alternately, use an appropriate chat room (such as the SOCVR room - see their website - or the main Python room, or my room for discussing/identifying/creating Python canonicals) to bring attention to the issue.

Please do not copy and paste answers (mods will not be happy), but if there is only one of the questions that can be used as a duplicate (or you change your mind about where you should put your answer), consider cutting and pasting (i.e., delete the old version first).

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