The close modal that is shown for questions you have successfully closed but which have since been reopened is showing the wrong header:

Close vote modal showing 'You cannot vote to close again after retracting your vote' at the top for a question I successfully voted to close

The text says:

You cannot vote to close again after retracting your vote

(emphasis mine)

I suspect this is shown because the system looks at the current state of the post and checks for any current/pending close votes by the user; if the post is open and it finds no pending close vote by the user, it then shows this message at the top.

However, I did not retract my vote. I successfully closed the question with two other users, and it was later reopened by different users.

Image of the timeline page of the post in question, showing I was part of a successful closure, and showing that the post was then reopened

Can the code checking for this please be fixed to correctly check whether I cast a successful vote or retracted one? I assume it worked correctly at some point in the past, but I don't know what the word is that was shown at that time.



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