There is no undo button in the temporary success message, after unsaving a saved item.

The menu items are already very close together so what if I click the wrong option by accident? I can't undo it. usability bug with stack overflow there is no undo option, usability flae


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My userscript SavedPostsHelper now adds an undo button for resaving.

It previously also adds bulk-moving checkboxes in your saved lists, and a quick-move dropdown in the toast immediately after saving a post in Q&A.

Userscript SavedPostsHelper ( source | install )


  1. After saving a post on Q&A, dropdown to move post to list:

    enter image description here

  2. After unsaving post on Q&A pages AND saved list pages,
    adds an "Undo?" button in the toast:

    enter image description here

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