I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Can't remotely access MySQL server

I'm new to the site and got off to a poor start, mainly due to not precisely defining my question I think, so my question was consequently closed. I put a fair amount of effort doing additional troubleshooting of my issue and based on this improving my question with code snippets, adding a configuration file, and generally being more precise in stating my goal, setup and troubleshooting steps I've already tried.

After I've done my edit I was happy to find out my question "was being reviewed", but a couple days later was surprised to find it deleted by the Community Bot. Since I don't have enough credits I can't really do much to raise attention to my question, bar this post. Should I have taken another path in reformulating my question or have I really done so badly in my effort to improve the original content?

I understand there are probably not enough reviewers available and with the time to plunge into every bad formulated question. I do expect though that there are probably others that are new to this field and get lost in the circle of trying to formulate their question as precisely as they are able to, considering their (inadequate) knowledge, getting downvoted/question closed, only then unable to get a second chance in getting their question reviewed, due to not having a lengthier history on the site.

Wouldn't it be better to alleviate the activity of the Community Bot by, for instance, leaving questions hanging for reviews longer or implementing a ranking system by tracking the number of changes made from the first version of the post?

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    Your question doesn't seem to be about a programming or software development problem. Setting up servers, configuring networks and such things are off-topic on SO. This is, as stated in the close message, described in the on-topic page of the help center, see point 7.
    – BDL
    2 days ago
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    "I'm new to the site and got off to a poor start, mainly due to not precisely defining my question I think" - no; you got off to a poor start because the question is not on topic for Stack Overflow. Which is why the banner message says "This question does not appear to be about programming within the scope defined in the help center.". We don't take questions about "trying to establish remote access to a MySQL server"; we take questions about writing code in a programming language, and about using programmer tools to write code. 2 days ago
  • Valid MySQL questions on Stack Overflow, for example, are about using a programming language to write code to query the database and make use of the results. They are not about figuring out a command line to run the mysql program, and not about network configuration. Please read the on-topic help link that was given to you in the close message. Consider superuser.com for your question. 2 days ago
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    Regarding your edit description: "I have tried to be more precise in defining my goal, setup and final question and provided some snippets of input and output code, added link to a config file, removed unnecessary tags and improved the styling of the text." - nothing that you posted is "code". 2 days ago
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    Ok, I see that I misunderstood which topics can be covered on SO - thank you for your feedback!
    – grregor
  • @grregor misunderstood, or you didn't try to inform yourself at all? I ask this because this topic is specifically mentioned as not being on-topic. It is important to be honest to yourself, because this is the one website on the internet where you have to inform yourself. The site has many rules, this is just one of them. If you try to learn them all by guessing and making mistakes, you are almost guaranteed to end up losing your privilege to ask questions.
    – Gimby
    5 hours ago


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