I just found that I could not create the tag as there is already a similar existing:

Sadly seems to me malformed and would be the correct tag naming.

Therefore I would like to as to replace the tag with

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    Why? Why is the original naming incorrect? Why is your proposed naming better? It looks like the original naming (quarkusintegrationtest) matches the name of the annotation and library.
    – Cody Gray Mod
    Feb 17 at 9:13
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    It is much better readable when seperated. Alltogether with small letters quarkusintegrationtest you have to parse it yourself before you know what it is about. With the seperator quarkus-integrationtest, you immediately recognize that it is about quarkus, and you get the sub topic integrationtests presented. At least that is how I search for a already existing topic, as it is structured and makes IMHO more sense. If that is not reason enough, lets drop the discussion.
    – Herr Derb
    Feb 17 at 9:36

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It's just the way it is. The annotation is named @QuarkusIntegrationTest and is a sibling to @QuarkusTest and @TransactionalQuarkusTest. All part of the quarkus-junit5 library.

So it would be correct to have a tag quarkus-junit5 referring to the library name, but it is less correct to have a tag quarkus-integrationtest. Then it should be quarkus-quarkusintegrationtest...

I'm not going to definitively state that it is wrong since the tag has no description yet, so it is not yet set in stone that the tag is specifically about the annotation. It could also refer to the general practice of integration testing applications deployed using Quarkus which technically does not have to be done using the quarkus-junit5 library. It's just a really good idea to do so.

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