For curly-brace languages, it's not too difficult to find posts that are missing code fences with a high true-positive rate: Just find posts where paragraph text ends with an opening curly brace and leads into a code block (typically, four spaces in the markdown editor, but more if the code block goes with a list entry. You also need to be intentional about catching cases in blockquotes).

These can also be retroactively found via SEDE. Here's a query that finds recent examples (ones that start from 2023 and onward):

SELECT P.Id AS [Post Link], P.Body
FROM Posts P
  P.Id >= 74972583 -- optimized version of CreationDate > '2023-01-01'
  AND CHARINDEX('{</p>'+CHAR(10)+'<pre><code>', P.Body COLLATE Latin1_General_BIN) <> 0

How about having the editor detect this on the fly to give a hint about possibly missing code fences?

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    It would be possible to hint this for Python, too, although it would have a high false-negative rate (for code that starts with an assignment) and non-zero false positive rate. Just scan for lines that start with import, or which end with a colon while starting with (off the top of my head) any of if,def, while, for,try,class, with. Considerably more complex than just looking for {, but still a matter of simple string searches - not even regex required, let alone tokenization or parsing. Jan 27, 2023 at 5:42


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