When I attempt to edit the body of this question of another user in order to fix the formatting, I get the following error message:

Title cannot contain "troubleshoot in implement tokens in my C".

Please provide a title that summarizes your question. For assistance, see: How do I ask a good question?

In my opinion, this error message would only make sense if I were changing the title, but I am only editing the body of the question.

Therefore, I am reporting this as a bug.

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    The title is pretty bad, though. If you're taking the time to edit the post anyway, why not change it to something actually useful? Jan 9 at 14:08
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    This is not a bug, it's intentional, and there is a dupe for this Jan 9 at 14:10
  • The example question is locked now ("This post was returned to Super User" - the OP is likely question-banned on Stack Overflow, thus likely the attempt at Super User). Do you have another example? Jan 9 at 14:29
  • @PeterMortensen: No, I'm afraid I do not have another example. This was the first time I encountered this problem. My guess is that the poster of the question was never told to change the title, because it originated on the "Super User" site and not on Stack Overflow. Then, after the question migrated to Stack Overflow, all further edit attempts were rejected, until the title got fixed. Jan 9 at 14:46
  • @AndreasWenzel that would be correct. The quality filter is on SO, not on the original site it was from. You can also encounter a similar situation if you're editing an old post from before the quality filter was implemented. In that case, the question would be originally from SO just with a terrible title from before the system tried to prevent those. Same result, though, you should edit the title to be not terrible. Or alternatively, just don't edit. I often cancel an edit if I can't really justify spending the extra time to edit the title of the question. Jan 9 at 15:03
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    There's an entire forest of duplicates here, but AFAICT absolutely nothing actually addresses the root of the question: Why were the now-rejected titles accepted before? Why aren't we allowed to edit the body without also editing the now-deemed-unacceptable title? What if we can't think of anything better right now? Why doesn't the system look for existing questions that don't meet current standards, even when it doesn't require human intervention? Therefore, I am voting to reopen. Jan 10 at 3:28


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