I tried to complete my Winter/Summer Bash, but then a question came up...

Yes, I did visit some top moderators user data profiles, but nothing happened...

Behind the Curtain

View the profile of a staff member.


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On the uber-Meta a similar question was asked a few Winter bashes ago: Who are the users that work for Stack Overflow?

That question has several answers, one of which is mine. It states:

It turns out there is a /users/moderators endpoint [on the Stack API] which returns moderators (diamonds) and if we filter the ones with is_employee === true we can build that (somewhat incomplete) list of users that are staff.

In my answer you'll find the runnable Stack Snippet and that will list employees from around the network. You only need to click one to earn the badge.

An alternative is searching for specific tagged posts. On Meta Staff will post questions with the tag or . Needs a bit of clicking and skipping users that are no longer employed by SE. For nerds, like myself, I created a SEDE Query to achieve something similar.

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