There are 249 questions tagged with . I don't think it's ready for burnination, but it doesn't seem helpful.

The info states:

This tag is ambiguous. Consider using the video-encoding tag for Scalable Video Coding, or the wcf and/or iis tags for the Microsoft file extension.

And every edit in the svc wiki's history is "by the way, this also could mean..."

These should probably be retagged along these lines:

  • Scalable Video Coding →
  • The .svc file used by Microsoft → ,
  • Supervisor mode of a process → (Unsure, a few questions are co-tagged with SVC_Handler implementations)
  • Support Vector Classification in sciki-learn → ,
  • It is also used for services, e.g. [web-services] (maybe also mvc..?).
    – dan1st
    Dec 23, 2022 at 10:46
  • Is there any reason to keep any questions with this tag? If not, what is the difference to a burnination?
    – MegaIng
    Dec 23, 2022 at 11:58

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Yeah, should get split, not burninated.

  • (status: done): The assembly questions should be retagged and/or if appropriate. svc is the name of an ARM instruction (SuperVisor Call) that traps into the kernel, like x86 or MIPS syscall or x86 sysenter.

  • Video encoding questions should get tagged , and maybe if there's room and the question is about encoding, rather than streaming existing files or decoding / playback. Scalable Video Coding is an extension to AVC, aka H.264.

    Possibly also or or whatever tag about a specific encoder producing SVC files. (Should those tags be synonyms?)

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