I came across this question, which has a tag, called . Apparently some other questions have this tag too. I don't see the sense of having this tag, while there already is an tag, hence this burninate or synonym request.


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When you posted this on Meta, there were exactly 13 questions tagged - certainly not a very long list and easy to go though. So, I did.

The earliest question is: How does "If This Then That" implement access to third party user accounts (so called "Channels")?

Which directly starts with:

In the widely known If This Then That app (IFTTT) you can create workflows such as:

If I get an email with an attachment, add that attachment to Evernote.

Which is a pretty good introduction into what the tag was added for. There is an existing tool and it is on-topic.

I went through the shorty list of questions and removed the tag from the following ones which were not about IFTTT:

Android run setup activity on first run only
WordPress/php if statement within an if statement
I need help writing an if then statement using 2 criterion of ltv and credit score
If/Then in Access query
Lua "if...then" statement unresponsive
How to combine multiple If statements/Dlookup functions?
Turn Switch statement into if/then and if/else statement
PL/SQL - Simple trigger, take from one column and IF-THEN-ELSE to another column
Flag if there is a JOIN - SQL
Get If (condition), then (assign value), else (assign other value) statement in Linear Programming \

This makes 10 questions. The other 3 I retagged with which already existed:

How does "If This Then That" implement access to third party user accounts (so called "Channels")?
IFTTT: How to avoid URL shortening in Email-Channel?
How to send values to IFTTT trigger function

Writing this answer took longer than the actual cleanup.


Looks like the off-topic uses have been removed so I merged this tag into with a synonym to prevent it from being re-created


There's something called that is on-topic.

So maybe what we do instead is clean up the math-oriented questions along the way, and then synonymize to ?

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    AFAIK, the name "IFTTT" is the more well-known. I've certainly seen it for years. Today was the first time I found it stood for "if-this-then-that". So, seems like a decent solution.
    – VLAZ
    Dec 14, 2022 at 15:52

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