Yesterday I saw this question: SELECT max value with each group without summing - SQL and after examining the code I voted to be closed as:

Not reproducible or was caused by a typo

and also left the comment:

Can you reproduce your issue with sample data in a fidle: dbfiddle.uk/vRbqFpk_?

The question received 3 answers (their quality or validity is not important).

Image for everyone who cannot view the deleted question: enter image description here

Today, the user that asked the question, left this comment:

Congrats, guys! There are no errors in the query I posted. It was a trick question to evaluate how the answers would come out. Tks for sharing your knowledge!

Since this is the first time I see such a case and although it feels like I should simply raise a flag about this question (which should fall under in need of moderator intervention), I'm asking if there should be any other/different action about it.


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Nothing more is needed than what you have already done.

The question was not reproducible and was closed as such, so the system worked in this case.

If a user makes a habit of wasting contributor time for fun, raise a moderator flag against him, but for a one-off case, I don't think it is needed.

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