I just stumbled upon the which doesn't have any wiki or usage guidelines and is tagged in a whopping 19 questions. IICS is the abbreviation of Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services.

The top two related tags are;


  • x 8 uses (which is for Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services anyway, as evidenced by its tag wiki)

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services is a cloud Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) covering ETL, Application Integration, file ingestion, messaging and more via a number of modules like DI, AI, MI, CIH and some additional features on top. It enables customers to design integration interfaces of various nature between cloud and on-premise applications.

which encompass all but one of the 19 questions which does mention IICS secure agent which is from the documentation

A lightweight program that runs tasks and collects metadata for. Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

so this single question should probably be tagged with (I didn't think this was appropriate for myself to do while making this request).

So, in my opinion does nothing as a standalone tag and should be synonymed to - this also cannot be done manually via the voting system as currently only one user meets the criteria for suggesting and one other user for voting.


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