Since bookmarks are now saves, how can we access the saves in the search bar?

Earlier there was a way to access bookmarked items, like this inbookmarks:mine in the search bar i.e. https://stackoverflow.com/search?q=inbookmarks%3Amine

Now it returns ~ 57,162,405 many results and not the bookmarked/saved items.

First of all, is this a regression/bug, and secondly, how can we access bookmarked items with the new Saves feature in the search box?


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The help center for How do I search? has been updated, and the syntax is now in:saves.

User Operators

You can also limit searches to a specific user's content (your own or someone else's). You will need the user id to search another user's posts.

  • user:mine or user:me [...]
  • in:saves returns posts that you have saved
  • intags:mine [...]

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