Will or tag-warnings be available in the next iteration of the Ask Question page? They aren't mentioned in questions.

For people who are unfamiliar with tag-tips or tag-warnings, I quote from The new ask page is now live on the network! (from March, 2020):

  • The warning text shown in the "Review your question" sidebar, regex-based (seen with the default text in screenshot 4, and with custom text on screenshot 5).
  • Tag-related error messages and warnings, regex-based (seen with custom error text in screenshot 4, with the default text on screenshot 5, and with a tag warning here).
  • The warning and error messages described in the two bullet points above have a limit of 1000 characters.

This is the image linked in the above quote


  • To be honest, this feels pretty useless – at least if it works the way shown in the screenshot. With tags being last in the wizard, the tips can only be shown after the content has already been written. That some issues of the content are automatically highlighted and named also softly implies that un-highlighted things aren't issues, i.e. that the content is fine without adhering to the tips. Commented Oct 9, 2022 at 8:43
  • @MisterMiyagi Thanks for your reply. I think that it supports what Braiam said on Regression in new "Ask" page: tag usage guidance (tips) has been de-emphasized and is not obvious.
    – Wicket
    Commented Oct 9, 2022 at 16:08

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I think it will be available and should be still available. It's a good thing to have that box there, especially for new users. Users who aren't familiar with the site will lead to some questions sometimes. The tag-tips box helps reduce that.

However of course 1 possible problem of this box is it being too hidden. It is far on the right, despite being big, but I'm not sure if that can be resolved.

  • 2
    Re "being too hidden": Yes, it may be ignored or overlooked. A (real) usability study could reveal it (it doesn't have to be very involved). Commented Oct 9, 2022 at 15:29

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