I read that the Enterprise version offers managed cloud and on-premises deployment.

Is this managed cloud different than SaaS which is available in the free, basic and business versions?

What are all the deployment offerings in all the versions? And how are they different?

  • "I read..." => Source: "Hosting: Single tenant (cloud or on-premises)"
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    Can anybody from support reply on this?
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Enterprise is a very different offering than our Free, Basic, and Business tiers. When you create a team here on Stack Overflow on one of those tiers, you're getting a team that is hosted on a shared infrastructure with all other teams. It cannot be installed or moved elsewhere.

Enterprise, on the other hand, is a full site controlled by you in a private environment (and can even have Teams enabled on it so that you can have a main site with as many private teams as you want). This site can either be hosted by you on your own infrastructure, in which case we would send you an installer to set it up and each time an update is available, or we can manage the instance for you. When we manage it for you, the site is hosted in its own cloud environment that isn't shared by other instances. We're essentially installing the software into the cloud and maintaining it rather than you installing it.

If you'd like more details about Enterprise, you'll need to reach out to our sales team to discuss more in-depth the infrastructure requirements of the offering as well as the pros and cons of hosting on-premises versus having us manage it.


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