I'm a member of a private team on Stack Overflow Teams. I want to leave that team now because it is used for internal issues at my previous employer. I'm not an admin of the team.

I have searched the settings on the web UI, documentation and, of course, Stack Overflow, but cannot find an answer (only for an older version of Teams). How can I leave a private Stack Overflow team?

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Since you are not an admin, you are able to remove yourself from the team under Settings on Stack Overflow (you can also go through the Teams account page since both will redirect to this same Settings page).

Under Settings, Access, and Your Teams, there should be a list of teams you are a part of. You can then click "Leave Team" next to the corresponding team, and then accept the confirmation dialogue.

Setting page on Stack Overflow with a green 1 next to the "Settings" button. "Your Teams" is selected with a green 2 next to it. A green 3 is next to the "Leave Team" button for the first team on the list "Team 1".

A confirmation dialogue to leave "Team 1" with a green 4 next to the "Yes, leave this Team" button.

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