While learning web security, there was something that seemed to me like popular websites like Facebook and PayPal have a security issue (as they allow user enumeration) or I understood things wrong. I asked why they allow it if it is a security issue, but my question got downvoted two times.

What mistake did I make while writing the question? This is the link, but I may delete the question if it gets downvoted again: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/73869527/why-do-important-sites-allow-user-enumeration?noredirect=1

I am still kind of a beginner on Stack Overflow, so please tell me if I wrote anything not allowed.

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    Should probably be on security.stackexchange.com (though I have no idea if it is on topic there either) it isn't really about programming and won't be well received on Stack Overflow as you've found out.
    – Warcupine
    Sep 27 at 15:28
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    The question does not seem to match any of the on-topic items of What topics can I ask about here? Sep 27 at 15:31
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    Security questions are imho only on-topic on SO when they are directly related to a specific piece of code. General security question are off-topic.
    – BDL
    Sep 27 at 15:39
  • Aside from the off-topic issue, a question phrased "why does X allow Y?" will often be received poorly. The answer can be pure speculation or opinion and would only be "truely" valid if provided from X or documentation where X states their reasoning.
    – Nifim
    Sep 27 at 20:17

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It's not a fit on Stack Overflow, and while I'd be reluctant to suggest this, Security.SE has a whole tag dedicated to user enumeration. It would be worth first perusing what is on topic on their site first, then reading through that list of questions second to see if yours is answered, and then asking your question last if you can't find enough information to pull together an answer for your question.

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