The contrast difference when a link is visited is completely unusable. Here's two questions side-by-side, where one is visited and the other isn't:

screenshot showing two nearly identically colored links, where one is visited and the other isn't

For comparison, here's Ecosia:

screenshot of Ecosia showing a visited link in a purple-ish color, while unvisited links are a standard blue

And here's two different random questions with the same setup as the first screenshot, where the visited link uses Ecosia's style:

Screenshot of two random questions, still one visited and one unvisited, with the visited link now clearly differentiable from the unvisited link

(This isn't a color recommendation. It's just a demonstration of how any sufficiently different color makes visited links usable again)

The problem here is that the visited links are #0a95ff, while unvisited are #379fef. These two colors are incredibly similar:

screenshot showing one of the colors as text on a background of the other

Which is a problem when :visited links are meant to be different from unvisited links. In their current state, they're impossible to tell apart.

As an aside, if anyone else is equally annoyed and want a fix now, here's the userstyle rule I use:

body.unified-theme {
    --theme-post-title-color-visited: <color>;
    --theme-link-color-visited: var(--theme-post-title-color-visited);

There are some links not caught by this, presumably because I'm missing a few variables, and override rules are weird, but it covers the vast majority of use-cases



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