Using this photo as an example, let us assume there are 213 marked Approved and 20 Rejected. suggestions

  • Is there an easier way to know the percent (213/233 = 91.4%) other than manually counting 20 at a time?
  • Can you add an option ?Count=100 to get 100 at a time on the All Actions view?

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  1. On that same page (activity > all actions > suggestions), click on an individual edit (it will say "approved" or "rejected" or "pending"), then on the reviewer stats button:

    James Risner had 42 edit suggestions approved, and 3 edit suggestions rejected

  2. Add and divide. 42/(42+3) ≈ 93%

Note: For some reason the number shown in your suggestion tab says there are only 42 edits, so there may be 3 on deleted posts.

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