I wonder whether SEDE could figure out how many headings (#, ##, ...) a user uses in their answers.

I came up with this query

  Id AS [Answer],
  LEN(Body) AS [Length]
FROM Posts
WHERE PostTypeId=2 AND OwnerUserId=##uid##
AND Body LIKE '%# %'

but it also matches text like C#.

I thought of adding a newline '%\n# %' or '%'+CHAR(10)+'# %' but that just returns no results anymore.

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    The Body appears to be rendered HTML, so you should be looking for <h1> through <h6> elements, not the Markdown for them (which would be incomplete, as they could have been entered as raw HTML in the user input).
    – Makyen Mod
    Sep 4, 2022 at 19:16

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Here is an attempt, which I think avoids <h1> and friends in code blocks (those seem to be stored as <code>&lt;h1&gt;...) – I always forget how those are rendered. Counting headings is simply done by replacing them with empty strings and comparing the resulting string lengths.

enter image description here

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