The tag is supposed to be used for elementary OS, but it is often used for basic questions (not to be confused with BASIC questions). Consider, for example, this generic C question that I first discovered the tag on.

Searching for questions that don't contain "elementary OS" gives a list of questions that may need to be retagged. (I am struggling somewhat with this as I am not familiar at all with eOS.)

Can we retag the questions that need to be, then rename the tag ? Note: the official name is stylized like that, with a space before "OS". Also, not all questions in the tag are on-topic, so close as you will.

The Vala tag wiki should be edited to reflect any tag renaming.

Honorable mention: (about the concept in math) should probably also be retagged, into the specific tags that each question is asking about, such as . (One question was tagged with both [elementary*] tags.)

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I've renamed the tag and updated the Vala tag wiki. Someone should feel free to fix the tagging of the questions in the tag.

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