I would like to search for questions that were merged into another.

However there is no advanced search filter for merged questions, e.g.: merged:yes

Is there any combination of search filters to return a result set containing merged questions?

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This combination of search filters will return almost all merged questions:

is:q locked:yes hasnotice:no migrated:no

View search result.


is:q - to filter by questions (solves an edge case where the other three could return a locked answer (now unlocked), migrated:no does not filter questions)

locked:yes - Merged posts are locked. This may not take into account if a mod unlocked a merge source post for some reason.

hasnotice:no - Most merged posts do not have a post notice. If not included, you get locked posts for other reasons (e.g.: content dispute, community wiki, etc.)

Edge cases:

  • This may not take into account if a mod removed the post notice while keeping it locked
  • There is a rare chance the post was locked with a post notice before merging (SEDE)

migrated:no - If you don't include this you get migrated questions as well


  • we can't use closed because merged questions can be both opened/closed

  • we can't use duplicate:yes because questions can be merged without closing as duplicates first (e.g.: 45801447)


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