Stack Overflow for Teams will automatically use the tag excerpt and tag wiki from the public site if there isn't a team-specific tag excerpt/wiki created. For example, here's what looks like after I tagged a question with it on a Team:

A tag wiki page for Rust on a team

There is no attribution provided for the authors of the tag wiki content though. There should be a link somewhere to the revision history on public Q&A for attribution purposes.

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    This is on-topic for MSE - the tag wiki says that "general questions about the relationship between Teams and the public site" are ok.
    – smitop
    Jul 26 at 23:52
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    Note: As of the move to a separate domain, I don't think Teams tags are connected to/drawn from SO public site tags anymore (nor is any tag info for public site tags used in Teams anymore, as far as I know). Should this be closed as no longer reproducible?
    – V2Blast
    Jul 28 at 16:48


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